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Jun. 7th, 2012

Mixed Reviews

I am not quite sure what to make of this. I ordered some T-shirts from WeLoveFine, and trying to get the wretched things shipped was nightmare and a half- I must have exchanged about ten emails with the customer service rep for the company trying to figure out what happened with my shirts, and at first, they pretty much blew me off. “Oh, well, our products ship within seven days, it says so on our FAQ.” Well, madam, it has been nine days since I ordered and the merchandise has not shipped yet. Worst of all, they take the payment at the time of the order, so I'd already paid over $50 and had exactly zilch to show for it

Finally, a few days ago, I sent another email explaining that it has almost been a month since I placed the order and my stuff still hadn't shipped. This time, I actually got results- the rep was very polite to me about it, apologized, said there had been an error with the order, but it was being fixed. I would also receive some free stuff and my shipping would be upgraded at no cost to me. OK, well, thank you, but I don't know what use upgraded shipping is if my stuff won't ship in the first place! That was last week.

According to the website of the company, there had been no change on the status of my order. It was still “in printing.” That was the case yesterday, and I was fed up. If it didn't ship within the next 48 hours I was going to take some more direct action- file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, talk to a few of the law students I know to see if there was any way I could get my money back. But apparently about half an hour after I left for work, my mom texted me to tell me that a box had arrived for me via UPS. Considering there was only two packages I was expecting, one being these shirts and the other being my medication, and the medication comes via FedEx usually, I thought it might be the shirts.

They were. So I guess I was all pissed off over nothing- they just hadn't updated my tracking information through the site. And I received some free things as well, which was nice.

Overall, though? Compared to other online retailers like Amazon or JetPens, I'm really not too impressed with the quality of service and shipping speed offered by WeLoveFine. But that's kind of to be expected, I have Amazon Prime so my stuff usually arrives within 48 hours and JetPens always uses the premium shipping, even for its free shipping, so it arrives quickly. But other T-shirt companies like Jinx or ThinkGeek ship a lot faster. I'm aware that WeLoveFine custom-prints everything they sell, unlike the other sites, but still, how long does it take to put some damn screen printing on a shirt?

All in all, while I'm not ruling out any more purchases from WeLoveFine, I will probably think twice before ordering from them again. At the very least, I will not do so unless I'm certain I will not have to travel at all for at least two months before I make the purchase.